Blue Candy – Celebrate All Sorts of Special Occasions

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Blue candy is a fun way to celebrate all sorts of special occasions. It’s great for Hanukah, winter themed parties, the birth of a baby boy and so much more! It is a popular and easy choice for candy buffet centerpieces and party favors.

What chocolate is in a blue wrapper?

When we think of the colors of the Fourth of July, we usually think of red, white and blue. And if you’re looking for some patriotic candy to share this year, look no further than this collection of blue flavored candies!

Whether you’re shopping for a baby shower, birthday or an ice princess-themed event, you can find all of the coolest and tastiest blue candy here. This selection includes everything from blue M&Ms to large royal blue gumballs and more.

The color blue has a unique history in American candy. It’s a shade that was created specifically for the Fourth of July, but it was also once used to represent a fruit.

Sour Patch Kids has a new blue raspberry flavor coming out in January 2021, and it looks like it could be the next big thing for the snack. A post on the brand’s Instagram page shows a bag filled with the new color, and it’s causing a stir.

A new study has found that two of the most common food colors in hard candies and lollipops — Brilliant Blue (E133) and Patent Blue (E131) — disrupt cell metabolism.

The study, published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, was done on pig tongues. Researchers exposed the tongues to 15,000 ng/cm2 of each color for 20 minutes. They found that Brilliant Blue was absorbed into the bloodstream at 34 ng/cm2 and Patent Blue was absorbed at 86 ng/cm2.

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