Disc Workshops

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A disc workshop is a fun and engaging way to help your team understand one another, increase their effectiveness and reduce conflict. It helps your team members understand their own personalities and how they communicate, and gives them tools to better interact with all other styles. It also teaches them how to build rapport with different personality types, as well as how to identify and manage customer relationships.

What do you do in a DiSC workshop?

Whether it’s a sales team, management team, leadership team, or other internal teams, DISC training provides the tools to improve communication and collaboration, reduce conflict, and lead a more cohesive and high performing team. DISC is easy to understand, simple to apply in real life, and is the universal language of behavior.

After completing the assessment, participants receive their own personalized DISC profile report. The reports are detailed and highly accurate, and people are always captivated by the information they discover about themselves. Their DISC profiles include their DISC work style, adapted workplace behaviors, tips for communicating with each of the other styles, ways to avoid conflicts and deal with difficult co-workers, personal stressors and time-wasters, and more.


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