Lighthouse Studios Bali

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A multilevel studio complex with a snazzy cocktail bar, Lighthouse Studios Bali is the perfect place to meet, work, and play. It offers three professional acoustic-treated studios for recording, and a co-working cafe for those who need a little privacy. Plus, the Wi-Fi is fast.

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The studios are perfect for filming, podcasting, and live events. Also, there’s a co-working cafe with free coffee and discounts on meal purchases. You’ll find an interesting array of events, workshops, and classes. If you want to get serious about your career, there are also a couple of studios for content creation.

This multilevel complex combines podcasts, videos, and social networking in one of the most technologically advanced facilities in Indonesia. They also boast a nice parking lot. During rush hour, it can be a little tricky to get in. But if you can make it during the week, it’s a great place to work or attend events.

The best part is, you can get there for free. In addition to the co-working space, Lighthouse offers a full menu, including smoothie bowls, burger sandwiches, and steak. Even better, they also offer a variety of classes and seminars. One of these is a “full-reset” program.

Whether you’re looking to do a small business, launch your own company, or just get started, there’s something for everyone at Lighthouse. As for the best part, you can take advantage of their super fast wi-fi and discounted meal options. With an assortment of events and workshops for creators and professionals, you can learn and network in the most unique way possible.

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