Piercing Supplies Wholesale

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If you have a passion for body piercing, you can start your own piercing business with a retail storefront. However, most successful piercers began with wholesale agreements, which attract many more customers. To secure a wholesale agreement, you can approach local and national retailers. You can also take advantage of trade shows and pop-ups to gain exposure.

What would you say to a customer who is unsure if they want to purchase an item?

Piercing Supplies Wholesale come in different varieties and sizes. For example, there are clamps, needles, and a range of disposable piercing devices. These can be sterilised using EO gas, and are sold in boxes of 10 or 50 pieces. They are available in different shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of different piercers.

Choosing a suitable needle for a specific body piercing is an important step in a successful piercing. Fortunately, there are numerous wholesale piercing needles available, which are a vital component of any piercing kit. These instruments come in a range of gauges, ranging from 0.8mm to 6g (4mm). There are also a wide range of piercing needles available, ranging from 100 hypodermic needles to 12g (2mm).

Professional piercers must have a complete range of piercing supplies to ensure a safe and healthy experience for clients. Body piercing equipment and supplies should be of the highest quality and hygienic standards. This is to prevent infection and rejection of body jewellery. To reduce time and effort, you can purchase pre-sterilised wholesale piercing supplies. These will ensure a fast and pain-free healing process.

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