Reblocking and Restumping a House

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Reblocking and restumping a house is a process that involves replacing the foundation stumps beneath your property. This restores the structural integrity of your home and provides a solid base to ensure your house will remain stable.

How much does it cost to Restump in Melbourne?

The cost of restumping in Melbourne depends on a number of factors, including the type of stumps being replaced and the materials used to create them. The most common stumping material is timber, but concrete and steel stumps are also popular.

Restumping your house in Melbourne requires a qualified builder to get the appropriate building permits and complete the work with precision. It’s also a physically demanding and complex job that’s best left to the experts.

Whether your house is on timber stumps, concrete stumps or steel stumps, they’re crucial to ensuring the foundations of your property are level and sturdy. If they degrade, you could suffer from a range of issues.

Doors getting jammed, windows that are difficult to open and close and crooked windowpanes can all be signs that your property needs to be restumped. This is because your stumps have likely become damaged and are no longer providing adequate support.

The team at Able Reblocking are fully licensed and experienced restumping professionals in Melbourne who use only the highest quality concrete and steel stumps to replace your old timber stumps. Our reblocking and restumping services will protect your home’s foundations and prolong the life of your property.

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