The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

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professional carpet cleaning chemicals

Professional carpet cleaning chemicals are an important part of any professional carpet cleaning job. They help to remove stains, odors and pollutants from your carpet.

A good professional carpet cleaning chemicals will be able to explain how they are using the different cleaning chemicals. They should also provide a list of the ingredients that are used in their cleaning solutions.

There are many types of chemicals used by professionals, including enzymes and synthetic rinses. Enzymes help to break down protein matter in a carpet, which can reduce the odors and bacteria in the carpet fibers.

Synthetic rinses are usually used in the removal of greasy and oily stains. They are very effective, and have the added benefit of being non-toxic.

The Science Behind Professional Carpet Cleaning Chemicals: How They Work to Remove Stains and Odors

The pH of the chemical can also be important. Some stains and soils will require an acidic carpet cleaning solution to get rid of them.

Other stains and soils are alkaline in nature, such as rust and dye. These stains may not need to be removed entirely, but will require a specialist carpet and upholstery spot and stain remover.

Some of these stains and soils are also more difficult to remove than others. Some can be easily removed with a spotter, but others will need to be treated with an enzyme solution and then followed up with a solvent spotter.

The best way to make sure that your commercial carpet is cleaned properly is by choosing a commercial cleaning company who uses only safe and eco-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals. Look for companies who use cleansers that are certified by Green Seal and ask to see a list of the ingredients that are used.

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