Uplift V2 Standing Desk Review

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uplift standing desk

Since the Uplift¬†standing desk industry began, UpLift has been a top seller. However, their latest offering, the UpLift V2, is essentially a commodity offering. While the UpLift V2 looks great, it’s nothing more than a Chinese-made commodity with no premium features. This company uses overly-elaborate and misleading marketing claims to lure consumers into their store. We’ll get into the pros and cons of the UpLift V2 below.

Stand up desks increase your energy

The Uplift V2 Commercial standing desk features 48 integrated mounting points and supports ergonomic working postures while standing and seated. The height range is adjusted to meet the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Ergonomic Guidelines. The UpLift V2 Commercial’s height range accommodates users of the 5th percentile of female height. It also features a convenient under-desk wire management tray for easy access to cords and surges protectors. The UPLIFT V2 also offers smart features, which include a built-in USB charging port and a wire management tray.

The UpLift V2’s height-changing controller comes with two modes: constant-touch and one-touch. Constant-touch requires you to keep your finger on the height preset button when you’re in motion. For more comfort, the UPLIFT V2 offers a three-level height adjustment feature with four memory settings. It costs $29, but is hard to operate while standing. Also, the face of the controller is vertical, making it difficult to see its display and press the appropriate button while in a standing position.

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